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Intellectual Property

Program Information

  • Intellectual Property Rights today are the most strategic and powerful asset of all large and multinational Companies throughout the world, providing continued global market, economic dominance and profitability.

  • To create new drugs, a substantial amount of money is spent on research, and without investments to support research, new drugs would take longer to hit the market. Intellectual property helps turn innovative ideas into possible new drugs and provides and incentive for innovation. Intellectual property helps promote the development and availability of new products.

  • It is important to have basic understanding in Intellectual Property Rights for pursuing any career in pharmaceutical sector as it will help all the career aspirants specifically who are willing to opt for a career in Intellectual Property Rights.

  • This program gives an insight in to the various aspects of IPR’s and its importance in the pharmaceutical industry. It also has the additional benefit of making you a more marketable candidate in IPR in the industry.

  • Knowledge of IPR will support & enhance your career as pharmaceutical industry is strongly driven by patents and this course is delivered through pharmaceutical industry experts.

  • Project work associated with the training teaches you practical aspects of Good Manufacturing Practices.

  • This training will be imparted by highly qualified industry experts in Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology sector based on the practical expertise.

Who should attend?

For applying to the course, you should be in any of the following sectors:

  • Life Sciences (Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Botany or Zoology)

  • Pharmacists (B.Pharm., M.Pharm., PhD)

Beginners to the Industry get the advantage of becoming ready for the industry.

The professionals working in various areas in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Food and Biotechnology Industry can benefit from knowing more about this vertical.


Modules & Course topics

Module 1

Introduction to Intellectual Property

Module 2


Module 3

Patent Drafting

Module 4

Patent filing, Prosecution, Grant and Maintenance

Module 5

Claim Types

Module 6

Prior Art Search

Module 7

FTO and Invalidity Search

Module 8

Patent Offices and Designated States

Module 9

Biotechnology Patents

Module 10

Patent term Extensions, Exclusivities etc.

Module 11

Pharma Industry Perspective

Careers Opportunities and Project Work

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