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Program Information

  • Complexity is the main challenge in handling a project or a portfolio. It is important to have basic understanding in Pharma Project Management for those who are pursuing any career in pharmaceutical sector.

  • An understanding of the principles of project management helps an individual to perform better and outdo as a leader. 

  • Knowledge of project management benefits you by understanding the concepts of managing a project, big or small, and whether they are individual or team tasks.

  • This training will also help in improving overall team outcome in terms of productivity and quality and will also help to increase confidence in project execution with reduced ambiguity and better predictability for any project phase. It would also benefit the people you lead giving everyone the chance to be better organized and having a visibility of clear path from start to finish. Moreover, it equips you to handle any roadblocks and helps facilitate go-no go decisions for a project.

  • This training program will increase your ability to plan any project and you will develop basic understanding on standard practices for effective execution of any project and management of resources, time, quality and scope of the project.

  • The participants will learn various aspects of project management and the best practices. Topics like acquiring stakeholder buy-in and senior management support at the beginning of your project, planning the project efficiently, assessment of risks and problem solving.

  • This comprehensive training is imparted by highly qualified certified industry experts based on their practical experience.

  • Participants will learn how to implement the best project management practices in the simple and practical way with help of live and case studies from pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.


Who should attend?

For applying to the course, you should be in any of the following sectors:

  • Life Sciences (Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Botany or Zoology)

  • Pharmacists (B.Pharm., M.Pharm., PhD)

  • Doctors (M.B.B.S./ B.D.S./ B.A.M.S./ B.H.M.S./ B.U.M.S./ B.V.Sc./ B.S.S.M.)

  • Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy

  • Bachelor’s/ Master’s in Nursing

  • Entrepreneurs


Beginners to the Industry get the advantage of becoming ready for the industry. The course will also be beneficial to individuals planning to switch their career to project management.

The professionals working in various areas in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Food and Biotechnology Industry can benefit from knowing more about this vertical.

No prior knowledge or experience is needed as the program covers the entire project management process. It also provides the practical knowhow for experienced professionals from project management and other streams in an industry.



Modules & Course topics

Module 1

Introduction to Project Management

Module 2

Project Integration Management

Module 3

Scope Management

Module 4

Time Management

Module 5

Cost Management

Module 6

Stakeholder & Conflict Management

Module 7

Communication Management

Module 8

Resource & Procurement Management

Module 9

Risk Management

Module 10

Quality Management

Module 11

Project Management Software

Module 12

Careers Opportunities and Project Work

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